Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Its not just another exam, it is GATE!

Why is GATE so important for any student aspiring to pursue further in their area of specialization? What is the real benefit to the GATE aspirant over the others who don't prepare for GATE? Why many students find it difficult to grasp the concepts while some other students manage to understand them well?

GATE : Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, is the gateway for students in technology to enter into the premier institutes of the India. Students who missed to get a chance to crack IIT-JEE / NEET and are still rooting to experience the IITian life style, GATE is the best available oppurtunity.

So, whars the deal? How can GATE help you? To put it in simple words, it awakens the real engineer in you. GATE is not just reading few books, practicing some questions. It is way more than that. It challenges you as a student and confronts you to your worst nightmares during the journey. Those who cross all the challenges are the ones who get the oppurtunity to live their dream. Many students fail in this journey because of only one reason : THEY THINK THAT THINGS/TECHNIQUES WORKED FOR OTHERS WILL WORK FOR THEM.

My answer is : NO, IT WILL NOT WORK THAT WAY. 

There are students who work hard for almost 12-14 hours a day and yet fail miserably at the exam. They say that it is difficult to remember things during the exam. Some say, they got confused among different formulae available. Some others say that they felt tensed/were unable to think straight during the exams. And there are others who forget the concepts pretty quickly and struggle to get a hold of the subject nad it's concepts. So, why is this happening? What is the real cause to this and what can be done to tackle this problem.

To every GATE aspirant reading this : DO NOT FOLLOW TIP/TRICKS SHARED BY OTHERS.JUST UNDERSTAND THEM. When you talk with any GATE ranker, he will have his own style of preparation. Practicing from previous papers is just one thing which you might see in common but before that practice there is much more effort that goes into the preparation. That effort is not directly visible to anyone.

Take the tips/tricks as suggestions only. They are not guidelines. You must decide upon what you are going to do for GATE preparation. There are many things :

  1. Read good coaching insitues material.
  2. Take the xerox of notes and prepare from them.
  3. Learn short-cuts to solve problems and use them.
  4. Just keep on practicing the question.
  5. Understand the concepts, dig up google for more information, prepare, understand, practice.
and many more....


Everyone I talked to till now had said that they will go with 5th option, but I have hardly seen people following that. They think - Understanding a concept is like reading a few pages. Sorry my dear friend! Its not that easy. If it just reading few pages/practicing questions, then why are there students who keep on forgetting what they prepared? Why there are students who get confused during the exams? Why there are students who just cant relate the concepts they prepared during the exam? Why there are students who say that they can't solve questions fast? Why there are students who fail even after years of preparation and practice?

This post is full of questions. This post is to make you think. This post is to let you retrospect your approaches/practices. This post is the PART-1 of the 2 part post. I will share the answers and the real TIP every GATE ranker must be sharing with you.

PS : I have done my M.Tech from IIT Bombyay(2013-2015) after securing a GATE AIR - 23 in 2013.

STAY TUNED for the next post on 9th Dec, 2016.

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